Commemorative Australian Coins For the Year 2010

2010 Commemorative Australia Coins

Affectionately known as ‘The Land Down-under’, Australia is a multicultural society with a rich and diverse heritage and abundant mineral wealth. It’s commodity driven economy provides a surplus of natural resources which it exports to the rest of the world. As a leading miner and producer of gold, some of this metal finds its way [...]

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Aussie Coins and Australian Gold Coins

Australian Gold Coin

When the gold rush gripped Australia few would have anticipated that it would help shape the development of a nation. As a producer of gold, it was a strategic choice by the British Royal Mint to commission the development of mints throughout Australia. Australian mints played a unique role in supplying gold sovereign coins to [...]

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Discovering Australia Through Coins


Coins often depict people, animals, plants, or events significant to a region. The Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint both produce coins for Australia, albeit different coins. These coins, along with the literature that accompanies them, give insights into the culture of Australia. The mints are about the business all marketing collectible coins, so [...]

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